Home sweet Home

January 11, 2017

Where I hang my hat:

Peaceful Mountain Top Cabin from my childhood dreams.  Who’s coming camping this spring?  

Channel the energy

January 5, 2017

Dirty Pop

Lies don’t effect reality.

MLK Jr. 2012 Blogger Post

January 16, 2012



June 18, 2011

U don’t need me no more, so here I come.

Motherwolf raised a Mockingbird virtuoso,

a genius N disguise, not just some turkey.

As I become ubiquitous my songs wash through the sands.

Let these storms of ours blow past.

N this homeland we hold hands.

Thank U & Goodnight!

May 13, 2011

After a long hard week I am inspired 2 change.  Enlightened by the exhaustion experienced during last nights Jam we saw my passions stifled & upset.  Thank You to everyone who was there to support & partake.  I love the Live Music and am happy to hear it harmonizing.

     These R good times!  I must give much credit to my wonderful woman who is also inspireN and createN these opportunitys.  A much-needed vacation, followed by a bold move to progress is about to take place & I plan to manifest the rediscovered self from here to there.  Some things take time, others are instant, but everything does come together right.  I look forward to cleanseN and refeshN my body, mind, & spirit this week and returnN home  from California with a great new desire & ambition.  Stay Tuned & C the Change as I B it.  As we R, Perfect!

LuvDaLife, ~III~

Be it

What’s your REAL name?

March 28, 2010

Something to Vote 4 that is worthwhile! – Tres Dwyer’s MySpace Blog | 4 tha FANS.

Billi Fortune III – Covered, Smothered, & Chunked Vol. III

December 29, 2009

Cover songs Billi Fortune III captured along the way……
Free Download untill 2010

For Booking contact:


Puzzled Poet – Tres Dwyer’s MySpace Blog | 4 tha FANS

September 23, 2009

Puzzled Poet – Tres Dwyer’s MySpace Blog | 4 tha FANS

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Flyer for 10/02/2009

September 8, 2009

Check out a photo that PlatinumPendingProductions was tagged in on MySpace

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Woids De Mi

June 3, 2007

Love Your Lives

By Tres Dwyer 

People always Talkin’; about what they have no idea,And people try ta tell ya; the way that your supposed to live. 

Well, good luck my baby; this world don’t have a lot left to give,

But hopefully, maybe; everyone will understand what I did.

Cause I meant them no harm, and you know it won’t be long till they realize; that you are my child and that you do belong in their lives.



And people always walkin’, by the flowers they were supposed to stop and smell;

And people lose the point so easy no matter who or how well I tell.

Well, hello dear lady, look in my eyes to see the truth of how I feel. 

The changes of lately, bring us close together, shows us what we know is real.

Show it’s your heart that guides you, let kindness carry you from meal to meal. 

And one day they’ll see that you were meant for me, in good time;

But until then, always be my friend, love your life.

GoodLuck My Babies

Hello Dear Lady

I love you my baby

I love you dear Lady